Thursday, April 30, 2009

S.H.I.T (So happy it's thursday)

Ok, so my basment is flooded, the laundry is soaked, the cat pissed on the piles of laundry so cat poop fell onto my feet, and cat pee smelling water ran down my arms, and I lost it. I was a crying mess. Now I have all the wet stuff washed and am finally starting on the dry laundry, and this morning it started raining again. The backyard is a swamp, around the house is a swamp, the driveway is a swamp. Im going to pull my freaking hair out. Add to all this, my Great Uncle Don passed away Wed. morning. So sad.

Ok, now that all that is out of the way... on to some better news.
We went home last weekend and got to meet up with some friends I had not seen in years. When I say years, I mean since high school. My friends Kelli, and Natalie met up with Chris and I and we had a BLAST. Our friends Nathan and Jeni, and Matt and Dawn came out for a while too. It was sooo nice having dinner with the Tacketts and the Kruse's. Man, I miss the whole gang. But we had a very good time. I cant wait to come home again and hang out with everyone.

School is quickly coming to an end. I cant wait for summer vacation. Ashlyn's preschool is already practicing for their "graduation". They have a few songs to sing, then she gets to bump up to a kindersprout.. It's like a 4-K prekindergarten class. I am so excited for her. She has loved meeting new friends, and playing and singing. However, every boy in her class calls her their girlfriend... Seriously? She's only 3!!!
Kathryn is excited to be going to Jr. High next year. I cant believe she will be in 7th grade. She is so smart, beautiful, and a really amazing kid. Brandon moves up to middle school, and in 4th grade has sooo many new opportunities in this new school. Choir, Drama club, basketball, all kinds of after school stuff. I am just looking forward to having them home with me every day, and sleeping in.

Ok Im outta here,
Lots of Love,

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