Monday, March 9, 2009

Visit to my Sisters

Well, after a horrible week, we had a WONDERFUL and much needed weekend.

We went to my sister's new place in Wisconsin. Right now they live on a lake. Its a really nice place. The lake is completly frozen so we got to do a little shoe skating and the kids LOVED it.Mike fried up fish, and hushpuppies for dinner, and I make potato salad, and cole slaw. It was SOOOO good. Apparently when he went on a fishing trip with some buddies, they forgot to bring a marinade for the fish so they soaked it in mustard just for the heck of it, and it ended up being fantastic. So he made us the mustard fried fish and it really was fantastic. It was so good, we didnt even need tarter sauce with it. The kids had a blast playing together, and when we got them all put to bed we started drinkin and playin poker. It was soooo much fun.

Then we went to Perkins for breakfast and I had the worst potato pancakes ever, and from now on, I will just stick to Chris' potato pancakes. We went back to the house to hang out for a little bit before we headed back home. All of a sudden Mike says, ummm guys it's starting to snow. We hurried up and jumped into the van to get the heck out of town, but the blizzard came way to fast. We ended up doing 35 down the interstate and in a 2 miles stretch there were 11 cars on the side of the road or in the ditch. IT WAS CRAZY !! But we made it safely home, and I cant wait to go back up for a visit.

Thanks Mike and Cassie for inviting us to your home, and haveing such a great time.
Lots of Love,

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