Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kit Kat

My poor little Katey has had this aweful rash for 2 mths now.
We went into the peds office and the nurse pract. said it was extremly dry skin and to shower less frequently and use a ton of lotion. That didnt help. Then we went back in because she had strep, they gave her antibiotics and hydrocortizone cream for the rash. Then we went back in because the rash wasnt getting better and they gave her prednizone. Then we go back in again and they said it was scabies. We treated her for scabies and it was WORSE the next day. We went to the dermatologist and she said it was NOT scabies, but she wasnt sure what it was. She gave her a steroid shot and said she would be feeling better by the time we got home.... NOPE.... We went back to the ped today for a follow up and he said its even worse than the last time he saw it and immediatly got on the phone with Children's Memorial Hospital downtown Chicago and she has an appt tomorro at 1. This is after he had to beg and pull in all the favors to get her in. The last 3 times we have been there he has waived all charges. I tell you, this is the best pediatrician I have even seen. He is totally concerned about the patient not his wallet.

I will update tomorro what they say at Childrens.

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