Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Night

Oh My Word !
Last night was aweful.
It started out really great. Dinner was on the table when Chris walked in the door. We ate dinner and got into Jammies and were all cuddled up and watching Chuch by 6:45. Then we got everyone a ice cream cone and finished our show. We got everyone's teeth brushed and all into bed by 8:15. I went up and watched American Idol, and Chris worked for a while. He finally came to bed at 10.

I had a really bad dream that Chris died, and never came home from work. I jumped away and went to reach for him, and he was GONE. I went to look for him and all the lights in the house were off. He was updating my computer, checking on our plants, and setting mouse traps in the garage. I went back to bed.

Ashlyn came in and woke me up. She wanted to ask if she could go pee. Seriously?! If you have to go pee, just go, there is no need to wake me up at night. But she also wanted to tell me that I am the best and she loves me. Ok thanks honey. Got her tucked back into bed.

I wake up to screaming. Ashlyn is screaming her head off. I go in and she is laying in barf. I get her undressed and give her a bath. It was so nasty, in her hair, on her face, on her arm, on her back.. and it was STINKY !! I made her a bed of blankets on the floor and accidently woke up Chris in the process. We got Ashlyn all settled in and he got her a bucket. Chris immediatly falls asleep.

Just as I am starting to fall asleep, Ashlyn starts coughing and barfing into the bucket. I am so relieved that she actually used the bucket. I bring her to the bathroom and have her rinse her mouth out, get her back in bed.

Ashlyn is spitting into the bucket again. I take her to the bathroom, and get her mouth rinsed out. She goes pee, and put her back to bed.

Chris' alarm starts going off. I hear it, but dont move.

Chris' alarm goes off again, and he is way to tired and decides to stay home from work.

My alarm goes off to wake up Kathryn, and Brandon.
Luckily I already set their clothes out the night before, so I wake them and tell them to get dressed, eat breakfast and get ready for school. Katey sets her alarm to be out to the bus ontime and I go back to bed.

My alarm goes off again. Time to get up and get boy out the door to his bus.
Ashlyn now wakes up and is ready for the day. Chris decides to get up and log into work.
I go back to sleep and dont get up again till 10:45.


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