Monday, March 23, 2009

Kathryn's speech against violence

Kathryn is giving a speech today and tomorrow in all the science classes in 6th grade. She wasnt happy about how boring the bullying assembly's they have at the school and talked to her Principal about it. She told him it was very boring and repetitive, and that the kids dont even pay attention to it anymore. And she told him how important this is to her and about her cousin Adrianne. He was very impressed with her. She wrote a new speech and is giving it today and tomorrow. She's very excited about this.

Here is her speech.

Hi, Most of you know me, but for those of you who don’t my name is Kathryn, those of you who do know me, you know I am a silly, hyper, crazy person. But today I come to you to discuss something very serious.

Raise your hand, if any of you have ever not liked someone.
Raise your hand, if any of you have ever said, or heard someone say “I could just kill her or him”.
Raise your hand if you know anyone who has ever been bullied.

I am going to tell you guys about someone I know who was bullied… 16yr old cousin Adrianne Reynolds…. Adrianne lived in Texas and moved to Illinois to live with her dad, my Uncle Tony. Adrianne was pretty, funny, and very quickly became popular at her new school. Unfortunately, there was another girl at her school who was jealous of Adrianne’s new popularity. She started bullying my cousin. She told Adrianne she was going to kill her. She told other people at school that she hated her and was going to kill her. Nobody took her seriously because people say that and don’t mean it………. They were wrong.

Adrianne was killed when I was only 8yrs old….. Adrianne’s murder was very hard on the entire family, but try being a kid when it happens…. I would like to turn my loss into something positive to help other people. Adrianne was killed because of jealousy, and hatred. I can not imagine killing or hurting someone because of jealousy, hate, or any reason at all. I would like to do my part to encourage others to make wise choises and to be responsible for their actions, this is why I am speaking to you today.

I am choosing to stand up against violence, and to speak out to others in hopes that other people will think about what they are doing and feeling, and think about the choices they make. We are the future and we need to stop the violence together, but I can not do it alone. The future depends on you.If you know of someone who is being bullied…. speak up.If you don’t get involved they will keep getting bullied until something bad happens.. It’s easy to think that this wont happen to you, or to someone you know…. But it happened to ME, to MY family.

I am really trying to do my part to prevent this sort of violence from happening again….
But I need help.

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Jeni said...

Great speech Kathryn! We're proud of you.