Saturday, January 12, 2008

This weekend

This weekend has been really fun so far.

My boy is now 8, and my mom turned 58.
I joke around and say, she's an old fart, but she's young at heart.
Brandon loves that he shares his special day with his Grammie.
Mom thought that he made a really cool 50th bday present. :)

Yesterday Brandon had a fieldtrip at school. They are learning about the underground railroad. He said it was pretty fun, and it was on his birthday so it was really cool. Then they got back to school and it was Marchilloni Pizza day. They get pizza and soda with lunch and think its the coolest thing ever.

After school he got to open a few presents. We got him a really cool pair of pirate shoes, and Ashlyn got him some candles (yes we had to wrap them.) Katey had a slumber party to go to so we wanted him to open a few things before she left. When I dropped Katey off, I asked if her friends little brothers wanted to come over for a bit and have Pizza. Brandon know's both of them. Nicoli (cola) and Elli were adopted about a year ago from Russia and are the sweetest little boys, with the coolest accents. They were excited to come over, and Brandon was really surprised when they walked in the door. Then our friend Crystal came over with her 2 kids, and Brandon's friend Jason came over. We had Pizza, cake and ice cream. We used Ashlyn's candles which were trick candles and they all got a HUGE kick out of them. Then all the boys went home about 8:30.

Chris and I had some friends over. George works with Chris at Orbitz and has become a pretty good friend of his. I happen to think he's the cutest, sweetest thing ever, and he has the most awesome girlfriend. Her name is Kristen but we call her K-Rock. They came over and stayed the night, since they live about 45 mins noth of Chicago and the last train downtown is at midnight. They live right off the lake, so they felt like they were in the country here and really enjoyed the dog, the kids, and our HUGE yard. Chris made strawberry banana pancakes and eggs this morning, and we drove them home. Wish they could have stayed another night.

Katey came home for a few hours, we made her take a nap because she has another slumber party tonight. She's such the social butterfly. We hate having her gone all weekend, but like the fact that she has some great friends, and Im sure is having a wonderful time.

I went to Church tonight with my friend Crystal and had a wonderful time. She has a really nice church and they totally rock out with their singing. We now have Brandon and Ashlyn in bed, and Im ready to settle down and watch the rest of a movie and sleep in tomarro.

Hope you all have a wonderful and full weekend too.
Lots of Love,

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Jeni said...

I wondered who two people who are not in your family had to do with your weekend. Now I get it!

I'm glad Brandon had a good birthday. Lily got Dawn candles for her birthday this year too:)