Thursday, January 10, 2008

Going out of 7 yrs with a Bang!

Or a face plant on the floor!

We were eating dinner, and having a wonderful time.
We like to go one by one and say what our High and Low of the day was. We went thru everyone's turn and Brandon started laughing at Ashlyn and fell off his chair. Now, that wouldnt be so bad, but we have a high top table and chair, so instead of normal height, ours are countertop height. (this is great to have when you have HUGE dogs) Anyway, he fell off the chair and landed smack on his face. He stood up holding his nose, when he pulled his hand away his nose started bleeding. He bled all the way thru the dining room, kitchen, up the stairs and into the bathroom. Now there was blood everywhere, including all over the sink, and some how splattered on the wall behind the sink. He's holding his nose laughing cuz it "looks like someone got dead in here." It was pretty impressive, it bled for quite a bit and he even got dizzy and thought he was gonna be sick or pass out. We made him sit with his head between his legs, holding his nose. It was really a funny sight to see (after we knew he was ok.)

We decided it was just our crazy boy, going out of 7yrs with a BANG !

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