Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pistacio's and Portabella Mushrooms

Pistacio's and Portabella Mushrooms make me miss our friends back home.
I miss you Tackett's and Kruse's !!!

Jeni introduced us to the wonderful YUMMY Portabella Mushroom sandwiches. Mmmm We grilled some last night. It was a total Vegetarian dinner! Portabella mushrooms, grilled asperagus, grapes, and Mac N Cheese! It was sooo YUMMY ! But eating dinner made me sad cuz I wasnt eating it with the Kruse and the Tacketts!

Then when I went to the store they had Pistacio's at the checkout counter. Now Pistacio's make me think of drinking and hanging out with the Kruse's and the Tackett's. Nothing is better than having a few drinks, lettin loose, and cracking open an entire bag of Pistacio's. Once you start they are sooo addictive. So of course I had to buy a bag when I was at the store. Now I sit here cracking them open, all by myself.

I need a shot of Tequilla!

I miss you guys!


Dawn said...

I got your message to check your blog, we did have some fun times.

Jeni said...

Good time.