Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It was an accident !


The other day we were at Carol and Jim's house and Brandon "accidently" held a toy car out the window and dropped it. Really??? How do you "accidently" hold something out the window and drop it. Does he really think he's fooling me?

Well tonight tops all "accidents".
Brandon was kinda wimpering a little after he let Capone outside to go potty.
Chris asked him what was wrong and he didnt want to talk. Chris finally told him he had to say what was wrong... Would you believe he said...
" I accidently stuck my tongue on the metal on the door and it got stuck."
OMG, I couldnt help but laugh at him. How do you "accidently" stick your tongue on something. OMG Im still laughing at him.

Dont worry, he's totally fine, his tongue is fine and no blood at all.
I think he was just surprised that it stuck.
Bet he doesnt do that again "accidently" or on purpose.

Lots of Love,

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smccollum21 said...

I am sorry, but I can't help but laugh. Has he ever seen "The Christmas Story"? If not, he needs to watch that. That is just plain funny though. Love you guys!