Wednesday, December 19, 2007

when did she grow up?

Why do the kids have to grow up and get older?
I wish they could stay little forever.
Kathryn has gotten sooo big. She's so awesome and I love her so so much.
She's just like her dad though at figuring stuff out. I have to boobie trap her presents just like Chris' or she figures out what they are. Chris and Katey decided to adopt a new tradition.
If you figure out what the Christmas present is, then you get to open it. I think I just wont put presents out till the last min. Well, we had Carol get the Green Machine for Brandon, and we wont tell Katey what it is because I dont want her to tell him. She swears she wont, but I still dont want to chance it. Well dummy me put on my AIM that we got a green machine for boy, and she's on AIM too.. so when she logged in, it said it under my name. She thought she was so darn cleaver. When did she get so big?
Yeah, that picture is my little Katey bug.

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