Thursday, December 13, 2007

I kiss your chicken!

Ashlyn Grace doesnt speak very clearly, especially when she gets excited.
We usually dont even understand what she is trying to say. She usually has the wrong word meaning something else so we have to figure out what she wants because she is asking for it.

Anyway what I mean is.....I was sick the other day and told Ash to go ask Daddy to come give mommy a kiss. She goes out to the hall comes back in... "No I no want daddy" THen she climbs into bed with me and kisses me on my cheek. I again ask her to go ask daddy to come give me a kiss. She gets off my bed, puts her hands on her hips and huffs.... then she points to my cheek and says "mama, I already kiss your chicken"

It was soooo funny.
Hope you enjoyed.

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