Monday, December 10, 2007

Search for the perfect tree

Ever since we were little, we always cut down our Christmas tree.
We would get these huge 12ft trees and would have to tie them to the wall to keep them from falling over. Then when we got married and didnt have vaulted ceilings we had to settle for these punie little 6 ft trees. The first Christmas tree we got in our home made me cry. I was so upset with picking out such a tiny tree. Then we got it home and it went all the way up to the ceiling and it was perfect for our house. Now, I dont even care what the tree looks like. I just want what the kids think is the perfect tree. The funny thing is, that they might look perfect, and straight, on the tree farm, but when you put it in the stand it never wants to stand straight up.

This year we made our friend Crystal come with us. Her kids were at a Christmas party and she was going to just stay home and clean.... BORING ! She has a fake tree and has never cut down a real one before, so we knew she was in for a treat. When we first got there she looked at us like we were nuts. Then towards the end she was running and yelling "how bout this one" or " I found it". It was so much fun. We finally settled on a tree that everyone agreed on and Chris, Kathryn, and Brandon all took turns cutting it down.

I LOVE this time of year, and LOVE how my house smells with a Christmas tree in it.

Lots of Love,


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n8njeni said...

This sounds very Christmas-Vacation-ish. However I'm glad to see Katey has a saw...