Thursday, December 6, 2007

Spider Ashlyn, Spider Ashlyn

Does whatever Spider Ashlyn wants!

Why is it, when you wake up not feeling good, and your in a funk, and you just want to go back to bed..... your 2 yr old decides to do whatever she wants?

Ashlyn decided today for the first time ever that she was just not going to take a nap today. She was in a decent mood this morning, but around nap time she was just getting into a bratty, bossy mood. I told her it was naptime, even sang her her naptime song, and kissed her nighty night. 10 mins later, I heard her playing in her room (she was talking to her babies.)

I walked in and she looked up at me and Shhhhed me cuz her babies were trying to sleep. I told he she needed to go to sleep too. I tucked her back in and left the room. I waited 15 mins and it was quiet. I peeked in her room and she was laying in her bed reading a book. UGH! I was trying to make sure she was asleep and then I was going to take a nap too... Ok attempt 3... I tell her in a stern voice if she doesnt go to bed right now, she will get a spankin (seriously could you really see me spanking this spoiled child?? ) I leave the room. 10 mins later she walks out and tells me.... "Mommy, I woke up now." In walks Kathryn from school and I know that there is no way she is taking a nap.

Isnt being a mommy grand?? (Even when you dont feel good)


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