Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lost tooth, and Dove of the day...

Hello everyone.
I hope this is a fine Tuesday for all of you as it is for us today.

Brandon is 1 mth shy of being 8yrs old and is in 2nd grade and FINALLY lost his very first tooth. Most of his friends started loosing teeth in Kindergarten, but not our boy. Kathryn was much older when she lost her first tooth too.
Well last night he bit into something and his tooth hurt. He touched it and it moved. He was so excited he couldnt wait for Daddy to get home to show him. Then after the coolness wore off and he realized he was hungry, he then learned that having a loose tooth hurts.
This morning it was sooo wiggly and he kept bumping it every time he opened his mouth. (this tooth was barely hanging on.)
So I told him to just pull it out and it wont hurt anymore.
So he grabbed the napkin and yanked that wiggly tooth right out. He was so excited and can not wait for the tooth fairy to come tonight.
On another note...
Have you ever bought a bag of Dove chocolates?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE dove chocolate candies. Not sure if its the chocolate I like, or the really sweet message thats inside the wrapper. My friend Crystal was over the other day and is having a hard time. So I broke out the dove chocolates. She got to witness firsthand what a nut I am. She popped a chocolate in her mouth and crinkled up the wrapped. "OH NO!" I said, that is NOT how you eat dove chocolate. I opened up the wrapper very carefully. I placed the chocolate on my tongue (do not chew at this point) Then read the message on the wrapper. Now you take a deep breath and Ahhhhh. Enjoy the message, enjoy the chocolate, and let the goodness fill your whole mind and body. This is when she laughed at me and said I was crazy.
I seriously do this for every single piece of dove chocolate I eat.... Try it some time.
Well I decided that the nice messages really make me smile and feel good.
So I started to send her a "dove of the day" Email. I just want to send a nice comment to make her smile. I thought, why not "dove of the day" on my blog and spread my love and happiness to all of you too!
Here is my dove of the day...
The only people you need in your life
are the ones that prove they need you in theirs.
(now Ahhh, and think about how much I need all of you in my life, and how much I love all of you.)
Lots of Love,

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