Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Silly Traditions

We just had our first snow storm of the season.We got a whopping 5 inches of snow and its still coming down. I was hoping for a snow day today, but nope the streets are plowed.

Well, we have a silly tradition that we have done ever since Kathryn was little. We go and make a snowball from the first snow of the year and we put it in the freezer. Then in the middle of summer, on a hot, hot day, we fill the bathtub with water and while the kids are taking their bath we throw in the snowball.Its really funny to hear the kids giggle and laugh, and watch how fast the snowball melts. Last night, Kathryn and Brandon went out when it first started snowing and made snowballs. They came in all excited holding up the first snowball of the year, and ran and put them into the freezer. Then they went back out to play. I didnt realize Ashlyn was watching them, but today when she was outside playing in the snow while Chris was plowing the drive. She made a snowball. She knocked on the door so I let her in. She held it up. "whoo hooo, snow snow" and went and put it in the freezer. Its really cute how much she tries to be like Sissy and Bro-Bro. Its also really nice that she will grow up with this silly tradition, and maybe someday they will all pass it on to their kids.

Lots of freezing cold Love,

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