Thursday, March 6, 2008

Working out

Cassie and I decided that we really need and want to get healthy and loose weight.
She has a wedding she will be in next Aug and wants to look good in her dress, and she has had some health concerns with her weight. I talk all the time about loosing weight and feeling better about myself. So we decided we need to motivate each other and loose weight together. We also decided that when we meet our goals we will take a girls trip to Mexico.

Today was day 2 of working out. We both have digital cable and have exercise tv, so since we have the same workout we can do it together. Its really nice because we put the phones on speaker and keep motivating each other to keep going, and that we are doing a good job. We have started easy so we dont overwork our muscles and are in too much pain to work out the next day, but we are doing 2 power walks a day. They are each 1 mile and only take 25 mins.
I feel GREAT. I am so excited we are doing this together and cant wait to meet my goal.

Thanks for doing this with me sis, I sure do love you.

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