Saturday, March 29, 2008

My day today.

Today started off as a pretty good day.

We decided that the kids had such a crappy Easter vaction so we took them to the Science and Industry Museum for a fun day before they go back to school on Monday. We drove into town, because its still pretty cold out, and I didnt want to get stuck walking around downtown all day, or having to rush around to catch trains and busses. It was a really great drive.
We ended up getting a family membership and that allows us to bring 1 person free every visit.
Who wants to come to the museums???

We saw the glass exhibit, the submarine, had lunch their, and saw only 1/2 of the top level.
We were pretty exhausted and decided to call it a day, and since we now have a membership we can come back anytime we want. We took a drive up and down Lake Shore Drive, and pointed out other Museums, the Millinnium park, the fountain, Navy pier, and SOX stadium (whooop whoop) Then we decided to come home, and made a really yummy dinner.

THEN the kids started fighting!
How do they go and start fighting after such a wonderful fun day?
Now they are stuck at the table till bedtime. All they can do is read or write. I LOVE this punishment.

Now I am looking forward to Chris coming home from the store and making me some mint, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.. YUMMY !


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