Thursday, March 13, 2008

Katey has braces

Yesterday we took Kathryn to the orthodontist for X-ray's and a consultation.

We have been worried about her teeth since she was very young as she has a horrible straight bite and mashed her baby teeth gone. She also has a pretty good crossbite.

The Orthodontist was wonderful with her and had her cracking up laughing. She was so comfortable with him. He said because of the way she bites that her jaw is actually twisting, so he wants braces to hopefully pull her jaw straight and widen the roof of her mouth as well.

They had a cancellation and actually was able to get her in right away. Katey was so excited as she HATES her smile. So she got her braces and picked blue rubber bands to go around them.

Today she is a bit sore but is doing really really well.


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