Thursday, February 21, 2008

Worst flu season ever at the Power House.

I can not believe what a toll this flu has caused this family.
It started with Ashlyn and almost put her in the hospital.
Then Chris was off work for 3 days and he never takes off work.
I had been feeling lousy, a head cold, but not too bad. Then it went into my lungs.
It got real bad real quick and the doctor almost admitted me in the hospital. My oxygen levels were low and he gave me a steroid shot and a few breathing treatments and a chest xray.
My oxygen came up to a safer level and since Chris was coming home the dr. decided to let me go home. Then that same day, we get a call from Katey and Brandon's school. They have been hacking up a lung since, but holding out pretty good so far.

Today Im feeling a bit better and am going to use all the strength I can to scour this house and get the icks out! Wish me luck.

Lots of Love,

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