Monday, February 4, 2008

Just another manic Monday...

I usually HATE Monday's... but since the kids have tomorrow off of school, I am actually in a pretty good mood today. However, last night I was NOT in such a great mood.

Let's back up a bit.
We decided to go home Sat. We wanted to get Chris' coat, The kids cell phone, and do our taxes. We ended up getting on the road at about 2pm. We NEVER leave that late. We thought, how about we just go home, get our stuff, and come back home. Well, we got there and Jimbo wanted to work on putting the gas lines in for the gas fireplace. So we decided to stay the night. Now we are in town, with no plans. I call up our friends the Kruse's and we went to their house to play cards. Man, I miss hanging out with them and the kids get along soooo good. Emily is 8 and Brandon and Kathryn just LOVE her. Kevin is 2 and is the sweetest thing ever. Ashlyn just loves him, and I would spoil the crap out of him if I got the chance. Kevy had a bad heart when he was born, and has done sooo good since, but he and Ashlyn could get away with anything with me. Anyway, he was being such a lover and sat in my lap almost the whole time we played cards. He's such a snuggler and I miss that with Ashlyn... Kathryn and Brandon ended up spending the night and had a great time, and Ashlyn threw a FIT when we left because how could we leave her bro bro and sissy behind. I mean, she doesnt throw fits this bad when me and Chris leave, oh well, sibling love.

Ok, so Sunday plans were to get on the road by noon.
RIGHT !!!! Chris and Jim get something done quickly? I think they take as long as possible to do anything because they enjoy the alone time as father and son. They got the gas line run, and lit the fireplace and it look B-E-A-utiful !
Then Chris decided to make a dry ice bomb. Now, Jim enjoy's when Chris does this ridiculous stuff so he puts a bunch of dry ice into a 2 liter bottle, adds water, puts the lid on and runs away. We all stand huddled by the back door watching, waiting.
It was soo loud, and blew all the snow away making a huge hole where the bottle had once laid. It was really impressive (Shh dont tell Chris I said that)

I think we finally got on the road about 8pm.
But the drive that normally takes 2hrs, took 3 1/2 hrs. The roads were horrible, and nothing was plowed, and if any of you know how I am in the car then you would know I was a horrible, nervous, wreck.

Thank God we made it home, and now, the kids have tomorrow off.
Tomorro is Super Tuesday !
Whoop Whoop GO-BAMA !!

Lots of Love,

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Dawn said...

I am glad you guys made it home safe, it was nasty out! I think I heard the explosion for the dry ice bomb at my house :)