Sunday, February 10, 2008

Highs and Low's of the day.

Every night at dinner, we go one by one and say what our Highs and Low's are for the day. Its something I really enjoy, and I think the kids get a huge kick out of it. If I dont ask right away one of them brings it up. I like asking about highs and low's because I want to talk about everything, good or bad. Plus it's fun to hear what they classify as a low, or a high.

Today, my High's and Low's..

Low- doing laundry all day. I hate laundry.

High- coming downstairs to make dinner and seeing all 3 of my children playing so nicely.
They had all the chairs lined up and were pretending they were on a plane flying around the world. They ended up getting stuck in a hurricane, and it was so much fun to watch them and listen to them.

I told them how much I liked seeing them using their imaginations and how good it is for Ashlyn to learn to use her imagination. Then we thought it might be fun for each of us to start writing stories for Ashlyn. When we get done writing one then we get to read it to her as a bed time story. The kids are so excited about it. They want to have them put into books so when they get older they can say, "Ashlyn, I wrote this book for you when I was 8yrs old." (Brandon)

I'm really excited to see where their adventures take us.

Have a great week.

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