Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sickies, Hail, and Skip Bo

Well the Power House has been wracked with illness for over a week now.
Ashlyn has been struggling with Pneumonia and on the verge of hospitalization since Thurs. Poor thing is on steroids, antibiotics and breathing treatments, lets just say she's a maniac right now, but at least we are done with the 103 fevers. I hate fevers. Then Christopher was out of work almost all week. He was out for the count on Tues and Wed with fevers, body aches. tight chest, and plain ole icky feeling. He almost stayed home on Thurs but dragged his butt to work to bring cupcake cheesecake for a bake sale. Then Friday I got hit pretty hard with a migrain and begged him to stay home. Sat and Sun I have been progressivly getting worse with a headcold and icky lungs. Katey and Brandon are coughing but otherwise are holding on pretty good.

Today, we were sitting around bored as can be as we are confined to home with sickies and all of a sudden it started to pour rain out of no where. It was awesome. It was raining, thundering, and then hail. The kids got so excited and couldnt believe how fast and out of nowhere this storm came from. Then as quick as it was here, it was gone.

Back to being bored... so we decided to break out skip bo and teach Katey and Brandon how to play. Ash is resting and watching cartoons, and we are gonna enjoy a game with the big kids.

Hope you all are doing better than we are at the Power House.
Love to you all,

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