Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wedding and cruise

I can't wait, we leave in 3 days for Miami, for Jenny's wedding and the cruise. I can't wait. Lucky for us, we have a great youth group we are a part of, and we got friends house sitting and dog sitting while we are gone. Yup, we are lucky.

Last night, we had a bon fire and Katey had a bunch of kids from the youth group come over. It was a great time. They loved the zip line, and its nice that Katey has such a great group of kids to hang out with.

So, for the cruise I am in my last stages of packing and cleaning the house.
Hopefully after gettting everything packed tonight, I will be able to sleep. I can't sleep because I have way to much on my mind. Do I have this packed, did I have enough of these, I need to find these, oh don't forget the...... I just need to pack it, load it, and forget about it.

And Lent needs to get over so I can get back on FB, I miss seeing whats up with everyone, but this is DEF. worth it.


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