Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15th - still Lent

Well giving up facebook has gotten easier. I still have a desire to get on and see what everyone is up to, and I feel like I am missing out on all the hip hop happenin stuff. BUT, I have less and less the over powering urge to look. I no longer have to convince myself that I dont need to just check it out real quick. I have been keeping busy because its when I'm not busy that I have the most desire to get on.

We leave for the cruise in 8 days. I can't believe it. I can't wait to see Jen get married, and then to board the beautiful ship for a whole week. Cruises are my FAVORITE !! plus I get chris and the kids all to myself for a whole week. No school, no work, just family.

My cousin Ellen and her 3 kids fly in the tuesday after we get back. The kids have not seen nannie and Pops since they were just toddlers. I'm really glad they are old enough that they will have some memories of them. We are going to celebrate the twins birthday's while they are here, they have never had a birthday with cousins before. And we are also going to celebrate Easter as a family with Cassie and her kids, Ellie and hers, us and ours, Mom and dad, Nannie and Pops. I'm so very excited about it. Pops loves when we would come visit for Easter, he loves seeing them all dressed up and having an Easter Egg Hunt. I look forward to them celebrating a holiday surrounded my Great Grand Children and 3 grand daughters.

Well off to take care of Ash. She's a bit emotional this morning, coughing like mad, and a slight temp. So no school. She needs to get well for the cruise.


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