Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day one Lent.. in review

I've blogged 3x's today. Today's been tough. I'm sure it will get easier.
I feel so disconnected, so far away from everyone. It worth it though.

We went to Lent program and dinner for the kids. They did a craft and I helped keep some of the other small children entertained. Pastor Sarah has 2 beautiful little girls.. 1st and 2nd grade. They played well with Ashlyn. Then we went up and ate soup and bread. I met a few parents of the kids we went on the retreat with. All the kids that came to service tonight all sat together, with us. It's just so great that they have all taken so well to me. Def. my calling, def. where I am suppose to be. Ashlyn was very nervous this morning when I told her about the Ashes, but I explained what it means and she was very VERY excited to accept the ashes. She kept asking.. "now mama? now mama?" She was so proud to walk up and get her mark. Now we are home, gonna eat some pizza and go to bed.

I got thru day 1, what will day 2 bring?

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