Friday, January 14, 2011

Wassell Family Pool Tourney

Yes folks... its that time of year again.
The good ole Wassell Family Pool Tourney.

For those who don't know, every year we get together with the adults (16 and older) in Chris' VERY LARGE family and we have a double elimination no holds barred pool tourney. There is a flow chart thingy, a tourney director, and even a plaque with last years winner proudly displayed for everyone to see.

This has been going on longer than the 15 yrs I have been with Chris. It started in the basement of Uncle Wes and Aunt Mabes house, and has quickly grown too large, and has now been moved to an actual pool hall. We reserve 5 tables and it usually lasts about 8 hrs. With lots of snack, drinking and a whole lot of shit talking. It is looked forward to almost more than Christmas.

For the weeks prior to the pool tourney, the shit talking and shenanigans start via Email, and now facebook, and in prior year has even involved yard signs. During the tourney there are often other side jabs and gag games, usually put on by the tourney directors evil diminions Tara Gene, and Jeni, and Candice. I have witnessed a subsititue pod 6 competition, a history board of famous tourney directors thru the years, even a scientific twin challenge (my favorite). This tourney even has a directors chair and septor. I do have to say, even though I choose not to play, this is one tourney I do NOT want to miss.

In years past the tourney has been dominated by Kevin Sr, and Kevin Jr. But their rein of terror is OVER. 2 yrs ago they were shaken in their boots when Jarad whooped their asses, and last years big upset was Wendy and Tim in the finals. I am already biting my nails with anticipation on who will kick who's ass this year.

Now, if Sunday could hurry up and get here.. oh and GO BEARS!!

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