Thursday, January 27, 2011

Holy migraine

Well I was surprised by a phone call Tues. morning from Chris's cousin Danielle's friend Kelly, who Katey babysits little Charlie for. She was upset with her daycare center Charlie goes to and wanted to know if I would like to start watching him. HECK YEAH ! He's the sweetest little guy, its in town, and Ash doesnt have to change busses or anything. It works out perfectly. They drop him off in the morning. I get all the kids off to school. Charlie and I play for a few hours, then when Ash gets home from school at 11:45, we head to his house, have lunch, and he can nap in his own bed. Then Ash plays or watching tv while I catch up on my book. (House of Night series, AWESOME) This is a win win for everyone.... and I am totally spoiled because.. have I said HE'S THE SWEETEST LITTLE GUY EVER !!

The girls cheerleading comp. is coming up Feb. 5th!! CANT WAIT !! This is Ashlyn's first "class". She has totally LOVED being a cheerleader, just like her sissy Kathryn. Ash's class is dancing to Dynamite, and Kathryn's is dancing to Apple bottom jeans (?) This is gonna be FUN. Cassie and the kids are coming for the weekend, and Aunt Jenny might make it up for the day with Emma. I cant wait.

This weekend we are going with a bunch of friends to Medievil times, to celebrate Brandon's birthday, and 2 of our friends little girls birthday's. Gonna be a great time.

Well I have a migraine that is kicking my butt,
I'm off to bed.
Night all,

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