Wednesday, January 19, 2011

this' and that'

The pool tourney was great fun, as usual. Kev. Jr had a very impressive come back after being shaken up the last 2 years. He won on an 8 ball break. Very awesome. The kids had a great time, and Brandon played a few games (not in the tourney), and now he wants to buy a pool table. I helped Ashlyn play one game and she enjoyed it as well. Great Job to all at the Wah-Fop-Toe.

The girls are both in competition cheer leading and very much enjoying it. Their competition for this session is Feb. 5th. They have been working hard and are very excited about it. Kathryn's team usually wins 1st place, so lets see if they can pull it off again this year. This will be Ashlyn's first competition. Carol and Jimbo, Grammie and Papa, even Aunt Cassie and the kids are all coming up to watch them compete. Should be a great day. I'll post pics soon.

Not much is up with Chris, still at Orbitz. I was babysitting for a family and due to issues I had to quit. Looking for another job. I have gotten involved with the youth group at our church. I now am a youth leader, but I dont lead anything. I help out on Thursday nights for the "Wildside" fun and games and then we end with "Time for Jesus" discussion and prayer. Then on Sunday nights we have our Youth Ministry. We have our own service, then we go downstairs and have discussion time. Kathryn and I really are enjoying this time. I have also signed up for the Retreat in March, and they want me to go on the Mission Trip in July.

Not much else is happening right now, just frozen with this darn weather. Can't wait to be sittin on a beach the end of March on our cruise.


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