Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Not much going on here except for enjoying summer.
We went on vacation with Chris' family and had a wonderful time.
It's so nice having the resort to ourselves and only having family around. It's so nice to be able to let the kids run and not have to worry about weirdo's. Its a blast to watch them play with all their cousins for a week. The fishing was pretty good this year, and we even had a movie night under the stars. Uncle Wes has a projector and projected a movie on the side of a cabin. We did Tonka pies by the fire, and Chris even broke it out in the morning and did eggs, sausage, and pancakes on the fire. It was def. a great time.

The kids have been enjoying being back home and seeing their friends. Brandon has been invited to a party, invited to a beach, and invited to go to a baseball game.... he says this is so far his best summer vacation. Chris and I are hoping to get 6flags season passes, and cant wait to go to the water park and the rides. Also I cant wait to make it up to my sister's new house very soon, oh and being JULY my baby neice will be turning 3 on July 6th!!

I'll update soon with new pics and stuff.
Lots of Love,

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