Monday, July 6, 2009

Break my heart

Well we went to 6 flags and to my sister's house over the weekend. Chris got off work early on Thursday so we headed to 6 flags to enjoy a few hours. Then we got a hotel room and spent a full day at 6flags on Friday. We spent most of the day in the water park, and had a wonderful time.

We played a lot in the wave pool because it was warm. The little kid section had FREEZING cold water which I couldn't understand. Anyway, we enjoyed the warm wave pool. This little black girl came up to me when I was teaching Ashlyn how to swim. She smiled and watched us and I smiled back at her. She asked if I was teaching Ash to swim and I said Yes. She asked how, so I told her what to do and she tried it. I was telling both girls what a good job they were doing and the little girl was sooo excited I was teaching her. Then Katey came up and smiled at the girl and the buzzer went off that the waves were going to start again. Katey said come on to the girl and they both went off into the water to jump the waves... When the waves would stop, they would come back and we would practice swimming again. We did this for about an hour and it was time to go. We thanked her for playing with us and left. When we were walking out, Katey said that little girl broke my heart mom. I asked why and she said the little girl told her that white people don't like black people. Katey just looked at her and sighed and said I know, but those people are not nice. But I like everyone. And the little girl smiled and said, I know! This broke my heart, but also made me so proud. Its sad that this little girl at 6 yrs old has been affected by racism, its just terrible. But I was so proud of my Katey, she acknowledged that it does happen, and that she thinks those people are not nice, and made it very clear that she likes everyone. It was the first experience that Kathryn has had with this sort of thing, and I was just so proud of how she handled it.

We went to Cassie's after 6 flags and saw her new house, met her really cool neighbors and had a 4Th of July party and watched fireworks. We had a wonderful weekend.


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