Monday, July 13, 2009

Fantastic weekend

What a wonderful weekend we had with Candice and Tara and all the kids, we even got to see our George. Friday we met Chris at the train downtown, and took a cab to the Hard Rock Cafe to meet the gang. We had a yummy dinner and the boys were pretty bonkers. There was this rocker looking guy that was a waitor, and Brandon and Josh kept giving him the rock on, whats up every time he passed them. Then they had a few birthday's and anniversaries and a whole lot of yelling that all the kids had fun getting in on. Then we all walked to the Hancock building. We went up to the top and enjoyed a hazy view, but it was still very fun. The kids really enjoyed running around and looking out. Then we walked to the hotel that they were all staying at and hung out for a while and waited for our train. Fun times.

Sat, we went back downtown to meet up with everyone for some beach fun. George met us there with his girlfriends brother and a little later V showed up. We had a great time watching the kids play in the sand and in the waves. We had a picnic on the beach and had plans to go to the fireworks, but everyone was pretty tired so we all just nixed it. Chris and I walked to the train with the kids and got some sushi on the way. It was a wonderful treat to end a fantastic weekend hanging with family and friends.

Sun, we just pretty much relaxed and went to Costco. Went to bed early.

This week, we dont have much planned. 2 days of tutoring for boy, and cleaning for the rest of the week... We got friends coming up this weekend for a warrior dash.. should be great fun.

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