Tuesday, May 12, 2009

summer is coming

Every day we are getting closer and closer to summer vacation for the kids. This is my most fav. time of the year. I LOVE when the kids are home, and I absolutly hate when they go back to school. It also means we start counting down till "the fishing trip". We go to Michigan every year with Chris' entire family and rent out a resort for the entire week. Its so nice to have the entire family around, and its really nice that we have enough people to rent the entire resort to ourselves. Nothing nicer than letting your kids run free and not worry about the weirdo in cabin number 5. This year my sister may be coming with. They have 3 kids and a ski boat, this will be so much fun. I wish my family would do something like this, but we never have. Cassie also may be moving in with us for a few weeks. They just put an offer on a home, but have to be out of their rental by June 1st. Im looking forward to a few weeks with my sis and my neices and nephew. Ok, well I gotta go get something done.

Lots of Love,

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