Sunday, May 17, 2009


Not much is going on today. We had a nice weekend, but didnt get as much done as we had hoped. Chris has been trying to get our riding law mower fixed and so far not any luck. Nobody has tires for it, and we are going to have to special order them. Not terrible, but def. not what we were hoping for. He was going to just weed eat the front yard, and I borrowed the neighbors push mower instead. The back yard isnt a problem because most of it is flowers and trees.

We went to the neighbors yesterday and helped get things ready for their fundraising garage sale. Kaitlyn is going on a foreign exchange type thing in Australia, and they are raising funds for that. This is Katey's best friend Allison's sister. She is 13 and a really great kid. This will be an amazing experiance for her. We are donating Katey's old bike which is in excellent condition, and Chris is making a ton of baked goods to give away with donations. After setting that all up, we ordered pizza then chilled out by the fire, relaxing. It was a nice time.

We are now down to 12 full days of school and 1 one hour day of school left till summer... I CANT WAIT !!! My sister and her kids will be staying with us for 2 weeks - 1 mth, until they close on their new house. It will be real nice having the kids here to play together, and Cassie and I plan on cleaning out closets and going thru all kind of crap to get everything organized around here. (Organization is not my specialty.)

As far as the working out, I am still at it, and hopefully will start showing some results soon. I am not feeling great today, and really hope I am not coming down with the flu, so I am going to rest for the remainder of the night.

Lots of Love,

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