Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday July 21st

Wow, what a day so far.
All is well here in Chicago but it appears all hell broke loose in the QC this morning. I was a bit on edge as the storm approached Chicago but it died down a bit before hitting us. I read on QCONLINE today that trees and power lines and polls are down everywhere. My brother Alex has been sending Chris and I pic's from his phone. I cant believe it. I thank God that all my friends and family are safe, however I was heartbroken when I read on QCONLINE that a 4yr old boy was killed and his 9mth old sister is in critical condition. How sad that a camping trip turned so bad.

In Chicago land,
I started babysitting today.
Brandon met 2 8yr old boys (twins).
They stay with their dad every other week for a week.
They dont know any boys their age in the neighborhood and were soooo excited to meet Brandon. They were looking for a daycare center to send them to and I offered to watch them since I am home anyway. So far everything is going perfect. They are being very well behaved little boys, and everyone is getting along so well. So far today they have played pokemon, the Wii, sledding down the stairs, and now they turned the entire basment into a huge tent. They have Ashlyn's kitchen center inside it and are pretending it is a resturant inside the tent. I have not heard so much laughter in such a long time.

I'll let you know later in the week if they all continue to get along so well.

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