Thursday, July 10, 2008


Katey has been queen of pranks lately.
She loves to jump out and scare Brandon, who hates to be scared.
Yesterday she stood outside his door, yelled for him to come here, then screamed when he opened the door. Then not 5 mins later, she climbed the walls and was perched above the door frame of his bedroom (she's kinda like a spider or something) She yelled for him to come then screams from above him.. this scared the crap out of him and sent him running and screaming down the stairs... half of which he forgot to step on. But even Brandon thought it was funny once his heart started beating again.

Today was my day, and she got me good.
She has this life size cut out of Johnny Depp, as Jack Sparrow (pirates)
This is in her room, and if the door is left open, often startles me when I walk past.
Well, today she thought it would be great fun to put him in the bathroom and shut the door.
I finally walked in and didnt expect a full grown man to be standing there looking at me, and I screamed (and dropped a few F bombs) and almost kicked his ass. My heart seriously skipped a beat, and my adrenalyn was pumping. Katey and Brandon just cracked up laughing so hard and couldn't even talk. And yes, when I finally calmed down, I thought it was pretty funny too.

Good one Katey, you got me.
Mom (Shel)

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Jeni said...

Johnny Depp in the bathroom? Sounds dreamy...