Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know whats going on with Ashlyn.
We took her to the Dr. on Monday with some pretty severe abdominal pain.
The Dr. admitted her with possible appendicitis. Luckily she didnt have appendicitis and did NOT have to have surgery, but something is going on in that tummy. She def. has her energy back, but if you press on her tummy on the low right side, it still causes her pain. It also still causes her pain to go "potty".
The Dr. is a bit concerned that she is straining so hard to "potty" even though its soft, and that its causing her such pain. He is sending her to a intestine Dr. to take a look at her and see whats going on.
The hospital stay was a bit crazy, but we are doing well now.
We waited in the waiting room for 3 hrs, and her Dr. is LIVID! He had her room set up before we left his office and there was no reason for us to have waited that long. Add to it, she had possible appendicitis and those 3 hrs could have turned really ugly really quick, also add to that he ordered tests STAT. He had me write a letter to the CEO of the hospital and has already started looking into what happened and why. Lets just say Im glad I am not on his bad side !!! Aside from all that, the nurses were wonderful with Ashlyn. They spoiled her rotten. The lady's in CAT scan gave her a pink purse, and a book of paper dolls. The nurses that gave her an IV gave her about 100 stickers ( they had to poke her 5 times UGH) Then her room nurse gave her a Cinderella dress, and a Sleeping Beauty dress. I guess Disney donates to the pediatric unit. When we were finally able to leave, Ashlyn wore her cinderella dress, and her pink purse, and waved to everyone as she was leaving.

I will keep you updated when we see the tummy Dr.
Lots of Love,

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