Monday, November 19, 2007

OH BOY !!!

Brandon fits the old saying... boys will be boys.

Man he is so different than his sisters. He is wild and crazy and he is all boy for sure.

Well, he was swinging on the swingset, he was trying to swing as high as he could so he could jump off really far. He was getting ready to jump and went for the final pump before jumping.
So on the back swing he leaned back real hard to pump as hard as he could, and when he did that he leaned too hard and did a back flip off the swing and landed on his face.
He couldnt see anything but black for a few seconds and then he couldnt remember what happened. He's much better now but we are still trying to keep him relaxed.

His poor little face looks sooo horrible. But he is lucky that he didnt break his neck, nose, arm or a leg. All this just in time to go home for the holidays.


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ALF said...

Poor Brandon, kids are crazy. I remember being a daring kid. Well have a Happy turkey day anyhow. Angie