Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jumpin in the leaves

Yesterday evening Chris decided to rake the front yard.
He raked all the leaves into this HUGE pile in the center of the yard and Ashlyn followed him around like a shadow. She had a kid sized snow shovel and was helping Chris "clean the grass".
After they got all the leaves in to a pile we told her to jump in the leaves. She was laughing so hard and throwing the leaves into the air. It was really cute. We let Capone (our 5 mth Great Dane) out, and he went crazy in the leaves. He would run straight at the leaves and then leap into the center and he would bury his head under the leaves and then hop thru the entire pile.
The whole time he's doing this, Ashlyn is histerical laughing at him which just makes him more wound up. Even Chris and I were laughing it was so funny. I told him when we do the back yard we have to get a video clip and some pictures of the kids and the puppy playing in the leaves.

Watching them laugh and play in the leaves made me think... How lucky am I to have such a wonderful family? I must be the luckiest mom in the world.

We also got the kids new winter coats. Brandon's has a lighter jacket thats inside that is removable, and its an orange coat.. Hopefully people will be able to see him with such a bright coat.... lol Ashlyn's coat is bright light green and pink. She was so excited to get her new coat and she thinks she is so big wearing it. I'll get some pictures of her in her coat to share.

Kathryn and Chris just want it to hurry up and snow already.

Me??? Im ready for summer!


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