Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My awesome girls!

My girls are totally awesome.

They love each other so much. I always knew Katey ( I mean Kathryn) would be a great sister to Ashlyn. She's been awesome with Brandon, but I never knew how close they would be since they are 8 yrs apart. But Kathryn is wonderful with Ashlyn. I love watching them together, Ashlyn really looks up to both Kathryn and Brandon.

Anyway, today Branner went to a friends house and Kathryn of course came home from school and immediatly wanted to call a friend. (ahh the life of a pre-teen).

So Kathryn is on the phone and totally into her conversation and Ashlyn has 2 baby dolls in her arms. She comes up to her sissy and says "Sissy, baby is crying" and without missing a beat, Kathryn scoups up the baby and starts to rock her and pat her bath, all the while talking a mile a min. with her friend. This made Ashlyn really happy and she started to rock and pat her baby too.

A few mins. later Kathryn is in her room, still on the phone, and Ashlyn notices the baby laying on the floor. She says "oh no" and picks up the baby and walks up to Kathryn's room.

She knocks on the door and says "sissy, sissy, your baby, open the door".

The door opens, and Kathryn takes the baby, ushers Ashlyn into the room, and shuts the door. She didnt see that I noticed because she was so into her phone call, but I stood at the end of the hall, smiling and thinking to myself...

I love being the mommy of my 2 girls.


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