Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more geocaching

We have been BUSY here at the Power House.
We have been out every day this week caching when Chris gets home from work. I just can't believe how much fun this is, and everyone is really enjoying it so much. I do have to say we have not been able to watch any of our shows this week as we have been gone searching. Today we found 4. I found 2 myself, and its a great feeling to find one. We actually found one today that had little trinkets inside. We took a Japanese coin, and left an American flag. Then as we were leaving a guy was outside his house and says.. "did you find it?" It was HIS cache and we got to chat for a few mins. He showed us his "travelbug" on the back of his car and how it works. It was really a great day. I am also excited that my sister Cassie and her family have started geocaching as well. Trysta found their very first one yesterday, and they found 2 more today. Way to go YAMAGUCHI FAMILY !! WAY TO GO TRYSTA !!

Chris and I are hoping to go to Yellowstone in Aug. with his parents, and I think that road trip may have just taken a different turn. I cant wait to geocache our way to Yellowstone. Well I think I may have food poisoning so I am off to bed, hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

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