Monday, April 26, 2010


We watched a show, The Forgotten, a few weeks back and there was an episode where they were Geo-caching to find clues. Its basically like a treasure hunt, but there is no beginning and no end. Its nationwide so you just put in your zip code or where ever you are vacationing and wallah, you can go searching for caches.

Well, Chris has been talking about this ever since, and we went and looked for one with Carol and Jim over the weekend and couldn't find it. We were bummed, but had a great time looking for the cache. Well we found some out by our house and tonight we went and found our very first geo-cache. And now we have a little bit of an idea of what we were looking for. We expected something much bigger, but what we found was a tiny, 1 inch container that you open and sign the log and put it back.

It was really cool to finally find one. And upon searching online for other containers, this looks like it could be a TON of tricky fun. If this is interesting to you.. go to put in your zip code, and search the google map, and post about your adventure.
~ Shel

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