Monday, February 1, 2010


Grr, I hate getting all dressed up, bundled up, and go out to the van and it WONT START.

Ashlyn's all dressed and ready for school, and we go out and it wont start. Now she's crying because she wants to go see her friends, she wants to go play at school, and the van wont start.

So, we are gonna play some of her new games, color, and maybe find some kind of project we can do together. Its so easy to get bummed and then not what to get up and do anything.

Tonight I am making a Salad for dinner, and Chili. I am going to cut up some fresh fruit (apples) as well. I plan on filling up on salad and fruit, and just having a small cup of chili instead of a huge bowl. Im also not making hot dogs to go with the chili.

A good friend of mine, Jeni Tacket is a dietician and she has started a blog about eating right, loosing weight and all that good stuff. Check out her blog... , you may find some interesting stuff there.

Ok, Im off to play with my munchkin,

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