Thursday, February 4, 2010

not a great day.

Yesterday I got a call from Brandon's school nurse. He bumped heads with another kid. He was ok but since it was a head injury they had to tell me. Then 10 mins later I get a call from Kathryn's nurse. She said her tummy hurt, she was nautious and wanted to come home. The nurse said she didnt look well at all, but didnt have a fever, but probably should go home. So Chris picked her up.

Fast forward till right before bed. Its now time for bed and as always right before bed the kids get headaches and tummy aches and blah blah. Bran starts saying I think Im gonna puke. I am in the middle of yelling at him saying.. " I am so tired of you guys being fine, then right before bed you dont feel good. You need to get into ---" At this point he starts barfing his head off. Yeah, great mom here. I felt like crap. So we get it all taken care of. Bran's in bed with a puke bucket, Katey's in bed with a puke bucket, and Ash is in bed no puke bucket.

I then go downstairs to move laundry over and FALL DOWN THE STAIRS. I came right down on my elbow and it hurt, BAD. I can move it slowly so its not a terrible break or anything. If I keep it bent and still I feel fine, but if I straighten it, move it, or even the sheet touches it, it hurts. So the nurse at my dr's office said it could be bruised or even a hairline fracture. I go in at 11. I didnt get much sleep last night because anytime I moved it hurt.

So here I sit, sore arm, and 2 sick kids home laying on the couch. Not a great start to my day.

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