Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy week

I am so excited that Tomorrow we leave for our much anticipated vacation. We fly out first thing in the morning and are headed to LA. When we get there my cousin Ellie and her husband Bob, and their 3 kids will be meeting us for the day. I am so excited that Bran will have Donovan to play gameboys with, and Ashlyn will have Emily and Riley to keep her busy. Katey of course will be gossiping it up with Aunt Ellie. We plan on doing dinner and just chilling out at the hotel, or the beach. It will be nice to let the kids go swim or just play so we can get some catching up, but mostly, I just look forward to seeing the kids play together. Nothing is better to me than watching my neices and nephews and my kids grow together as family. Then through out the day Chris family will arrive at different times. It will be exciting to see everyone trickle in. Chris' cousin Pete is living out in LA in his quest to become a famous director, and we are hoping he will be able to make a visit.

Sat. morning we will get up and have breakfast and then head over to the cruise ship. I am really excited to see their expressions when they see how big the ship is. Chris' said this ship is almost twice as big as the ship he took me on for our 5th anniversary. He also said this will be the biggest ship he has ever been on. This will be a fantastic treat for all.

Sun. is my and Chris' 12th wedding Anniversary. Its really crazy to think that 12yrs have gone by as husband and wife. He really makes my life so complete and I am so proud to be his wife and the mother of his children. I always tell him that all my dreams have come true because of him. Sun. is also our first at sea day. Lets hope none of us get sea sick.

Mon. we arrive at Cabo San Lucas, not sure yet what we are doing here, but I am sure it will be a blast. The weather is supose to be sunny and hot... mid 90's!

Tues. we arrive at Mazatlan. We were supose to go on our dolphin excursion this day but the early bird gets the worm, and our trip was full... so not sure what we are doing this day. The weather is supose to be partly cloudy with highs again in the 90's.

Wed. we arrive at Puerto Vallarta. Here we are planing on going on a pirate adventure. We board a huge pirate ship and go on a 2hr sail where they will serve us a buffet breakfast. Then we arrive at a beach where we get to banana boat, boogy board, snorkel, kayake, sand volleyball and other beach type stuff. Then we get back on the pirate ship where we are searved lunch, and we get to watch a real pirate fight with canon blasts and sword fights... then the real fun begins when they open the bar... Tequilla !!!

Thurs and Friday are at sea days again, and we arrive back in LA on Sat morning.

I will update real soon with pics and tales of our adventures.
Lots of Love,

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come home I miss you