Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School's Out For Summer !!!

Today was the kids last day of school, they had to go for 1hr to get report cards.
Kathryn, miss social butterfly, had a party after school. They played at the park for an hour, then they went to her friends house to go swimming and have taco's. Unfortunaly, they could only swim for 30mins because it started to thunder and lightning out.. but they still had fun. Kathryn was pretty sad today, because her favorite Assistant Principal will no longer be there as he is moving to Florida. She was happy to spend a little extra time with him after school and he gave her and her friends rides in his golf cart.
I am please to say that Katey once again had a fabulous report card, All A's and 1 B+. Good Job sweetheart you are now a 6th grader.

Brandon had a great day at school too, he brought home the rest of his school supplies, he got a pencil from his bus driver, and walked in the door singing Schools Out For Summer! He's my little rock star. I think he needs an electric guitar real soon. He got a wonderful report card, and if you know Brandon, he's had to work hard for his grades. School doesnt come as easy for Brandon as it does for Kathryn, but he gives it his all. I am so proud of your report card Brandon, and I cant believe my little man is now a 3rd grader.

Ashlyn is ready for summer too. She hates when Bro Bro and Sissy are gone. She can deal with Mom and Dad being gone, NOT her brother and sister. Right now she is laying in between them, and is in heaven. She is really excited to "get the party started" as she is counting down to her Birthday. She will be 3 on Friday June 6th. Where did all the time go? To celebrate we are having our friend Trina and her 2 kids come up for the weekend. We are going to have pizza, cake, and a tiny pinata. Then on Sat we are going to the beach. Ashlyn's favorite place is the beach.

Check back on friday for Ashlyn's birthday video and pics.
Lots of Love,

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