Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My aching back

For a month and a half now I have had this pain in my back.
I went to the dr, and he said its just a muscle strain. He gave me some anti-inflamitory med and some exercises to do. I really didnt feel it was muscle as I can bend and twist and it doesnt aggrivate it, but what the heck. 2 weeks later, still in pain, I decide to go to the Chiro. He does an adjustment and I felt a little better, the next day I felt great, the next day, I was in pain again. I went back to the Chiro and whatever he did made it worse. I went back to the dr, and he ordered an MRI on my back and also on my brain because I also keep getting these headaches and visual disturbances. Well they got the results back and instead of saying over the phone, everything is clear, she said "well the dr wants you to come in and go over your results." So now I am sitting here nervous because something came up in the MRI. But as Chris said we would rather something come up so they can fix it. If it came back clear we would have no idea whats causing this pain. Anyway, my appt is tomorrow morning at 9am. She is going to call me today if they have any cancelations.

Im nervous!

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