Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fantastic weekend.

We had the greatest weekend, it was a wonderful way to Celebrate Chris' Birthday. Its hard to believe he turnes 32 tomorrow.
Kathryn spent the night Friday with a friend, so we spent Friday with Brandon and Ashlyn.

Saturday we decided to have a picnic lunch in New Lenox town square. They have a beautiful lake with a fountain and speakers spaced out playing soft music. We had sandwiches and chips .
Then Chris and the kids walked around the lake.
The kids tried to catch fish in little nets they had.
I enjoyed sitting on the blanket just watching them.

Kathryn sat with me for a while.
I cant believe how big she is getting.

Then we decided we were having so much fun, that we should go downtown to the beach on Lake Michigan. It was spur of the moment. We ran to Kmart, got sandals and sand toys and were on our way.
The kids had a blast burying each other in the sand.

We brought Capone, and couldnt believe that he loved the water.

While we were there it started to get cloudy and spit rain.
so we decided to go to Gino's Pizza. Chris had gone there with his parents as a kid. They have sausage pizza and the sausage is a huge patty that takes up the whole pizza. Chris dropped us off at the door to stand in line and he went to find a parking spot. Well, parking downtown Chicago is great fun, and 30 mins later we had already been seated and ordered when he finally showed up.
I was very pleased to inform him that this older couple had been sitting by us, and as they got up, the gentleman praised me at how well behaved my children were. He said they were a total joy to sit by, and you dont see children that well behaved that often anymore. It really made me feel good.

Sunday was a much calmer day.
We went to the park, Chris went for a bike ride with the "big" kids, and then we gave him a few presents, had a wonderful dinner.
Steak, twice baked potato's and sauteed mushrooms, Chris' favorite.
After dinner, we decided to play spoons.

Then we had Birthday Brownie to Celebrate Chris' Birthday.

Now its 20 after 8 and the kids are in bed.
Chris and I are going to watch a movie and call it an early night.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend sweetheart.
I sure do love you.

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