Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Lenox Wildcats Seniors

New Lenox, Seniors the best by far
this is the big show, and we are the stars
The name on our vests shows who (clap clap) we are.
Our mission is clear and we plan to uphold
A tradition of champions who will always wear gold
We are everything you're not
You know you want it you want what we've got
Go wildcats!

Senior Wildcats, We're number one
We know exactly how to get the job done
We are comin back for more
2011 we dominate this floor
There is nothing that we cant do
See it, believe it
We speak the truth


Once again Kathryn and her team kicked butt at competition. It was very exciting this session because Kathryn's best friend Ali joined. I am so proud to see my Tom Boy Pirate enjoying being a cheerleader. She has really become so well rounded this last year. Way to Go Kathryn, Ali, and all the rest of the Wildcats! Looking forward to another session.

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