Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Break

Lucky for me, I am not on Christmas break for 2 weeks. The kids start their Christmas break on Tuesday, and Chris has the week between Christmas and New years off. LOVE IT !!

Tonight we had some friends over for some game and spirits ;)
It's so nice having friends with kids, who can come over, bring the kids, and EVERYONE has a great time. I am so glad they came over, I was really needing some adult fun time.

Ashlyn got invited to Mrs. Denise's house for a Christmas party. Mrs. Denise is Billy's mom, and she runs a home daycare. She watches Ashlyn before and after school until I can come pick her up. Ashlyn was so excited to be invited to a Christmas party with her friends. She had a BLAST, and Santa even showed up. Mrs. Denise def. spoils all of her kiddo's.

Well, I am off to dream land.
Nighty night all,

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