Monday, September 21, 2009

Heaven's newest angel

My Uncle Jaime has been sick in the hospital for a week now. He had Pneumonia, and started to respond to the antibiotics. Then his heart stopped and they got it going again with just a few compressions. My mother flew out to New Jersey yesterday and took my Nannie up to visit him. He is Nannie's brother. 3 hrs after their visit he passed away. I am so greatful that my mother got their in time for Nannie to go see him and say goodbye. Uncle Jaime was the coolest man I have ever met. Im so greatful to have known him, and that my children got to know him as well. Kathryn remembers him as "crazy hair guy". Which is really funny because his brother Mossey, I knew him as "oreo cookie guy". I remember when they came up for my sister's birthday, and he was so impressed that we were playing Euchre. He wanted to sit and watch us play. He was so proud because this was an old Irish game and that being our heritage just impressed him. He also liked to do drinks and shots with us and was so much fun to hang out with. I will always be reminded of him when I play Euchre, and will always have a smile on my face thinking of his crazy hair, and his love for his family. I miss you so much already.

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~~Mel~~ said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

We love Euchre up here...I'll have to teach my boy how to play soon.